Everything in one place.  
Saves you time and money.
Look after the people in your workplace.

Build your framework using a suite of safety tools. Create your policy, manage your risk and record your incidents. Develop your emergency response plans, training and inductions and diarise your activities.


Share your framework with your employees. Design your training to meet you needs. Take care of your visitors.


Set up reminders to keep your framework up to date. Organise critical activities in your OSK diary. Audit your systems to make sure you are continuing to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Easy to use.   Be Safe.   Try for free.



All in one place

Our Safety Kit is a complete package, one that fulfils the requirements of a best practice health and safety framework.

There are no additional modules to purchase, it is all in one place. You will benefit from the vast experience of Our Safety Kit and are welcome to use the documentation as is, or to alter it to suit your own needs.



Your library will be your one stop shop for all your health and safety needs.

Core documentation will be used by the system to create a best practice health and safety framework. Additional reference material may also be uploaded into your library to supplement your framework.



Your framework is your consolidated view of everything that sits in your system.

It will include all core documentation and items that you will have created by using the system, for example a register of risk/hazards and events. Your framework may also refer to resources that Our Safety Kit have included as material of interest or resources that you have uploaded. The entire framework may be downloaded as one document as your source of reference or to provide to external parties such as regulators or auditors.



Using Our Safety Kit’s industry relevant hazards will enable you to develop your risk awareness.

Add to this whenever hazards are identified. The new risk area takes you through the process that will help you to consider whether the risk has been managed so far as is reasonably practicable.


For Business

New Zealand NZD $50/month

Australia AUD $50/month

For Schools and ECE

pricing is based on

  • < 50

  • 51-100

  • 101-150

  • 151-300

  • 301-500

  • 501-675

  • 676-850

  • 851+

All prices exclude GST

Our Safety Kit Team

Helping businesses manage workplace health and safety risk.

We started Our Safety Kit in 2014 with one clear intention - to build and deliver a health and safety system for small and medium sized businesses. We’re a small business too and we care about our people and understand the challenges involved. We know that employing a full time health and safety resource is not an affordable option.

That’s where Our Safety Kit makes the difference. It is a system built to the best technical standards, delivered by risk, safety and web professionals with decades of experience. Give it a try, you will see that it can adapt to your workplace.

The Our Safety Kit service is managed by Quantate which has over a decade of experience providing SaaS (software as a service) to some of Australasia’s largest companies.

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    Dave Jarvis
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    Sam Jarvis
    Delivery & Support
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    Brendan Jones
    Tech. Manager
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    web dev
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    Frontend Dev
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